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Resource Editor: How To Change Icons

EXE Icon Changer: When changing icons and cursors, make certain that the replacement sources are the same size and have the same number of colors as the item to be replaced (e.g. a 16x16 4-bit icon cannot be replaced with a 32x32 8-bit icon).

Add or Change Icons in the IconGroup

1. Open the EXE file in Resource Tuner and expand the Icon Group folder.

. Select the icon or the icon group you want to change and click on the 'Replace Resource with...' Replace resource button from the button bar as illustrated below.

Select the icon to be replaced

3. You wil see the following dialog. Click on the 'Open Replacement Source' Open source icon file button and select your .ico or .png file on disk. For .png icons, the image size cannot be greater than 256 pixels wide by 256 pixels high.

EXE Icon Changer

4. Check only those items in the 'New items' list you want to be added, select the action to perform and press the OK button.

5. Select 'File' -> 'Save File' to save the changes you have made to the target file.


If you need to update existing icons, or add new ones for several hundred files, you are more than likely going to want some way to implement this with a batch file. Whenever large numbers of files have to be processed or to be accessible through scripting / batching, you need Resource Tuner Console.

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