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Resource Editor with Scripting Engine

Resource Tuner Console is the command-line counterpart of Resource Tuner, specifically designed to provide developers with the means to automate resource editing operations. In some cases they are great compliments to each other: integrated into your project's build system, Resource Tuner Console enables you to automate the way changes are applied to your compiled executable files, the GUI version of Resource Tuner lets you check and verify the changes applied.

Resource Tuner Console addresses the challenge of editing and updating different resource types in numbers of executable files from the command line within a second at the final stage of your post-build process. This is a programmable script-driven resource editing solution targeted at software developers who are looking to automate the task of editing resources.

You Need It. You Just Didn't Know That.

Command-line Resource EditorThe idea behind is simple: why bother with resources at design time, when you can fine tune all your icons, strings and version numbers at the post-build stage. Normally the post-build stage involves code signing and protection of your software product. Now you can add to this a reliable, seamless and repeatable process for updating and customizing multiple resources in your application or in your setup exe file.

The program is well suited for integrating into your build system, and takes the drudgery out of manual editing and repetitive tasks. Just like the GUI edition, it works with both 32- and 64-bit executable files, such as EXE, RES, DLL, SCR, CPL, Delphi library files or OCX controls, enabling you to tamper with different types of resources, be it the version number, logo, strings or the application's icon. Resource Tuner Console fully supports Unicode and lets you edit strings in multiple languages, swap icons, update version information for several hundred files at once, and more.

Automate Routine Tasks

Resource Tuner Console does the busywork and creates consistent processes so that your team can focus on what matters. We offer a free 60-day trial version, so you can try the software, risk free. It is limited to processing only two files at a time.   Download Resource Tuner Console

Resource Tuner Console comes with the script examples that explain basic functionality and demonstrate many of the features available in Resource Tuner Console. Check out the script examples to get an idea of what Resource Tuner Console can do for you, and use them as starting points for your own scripts.

Resource Tuner Console

Script examples illustrated the main features can also be found within the Resource Tuner Console package.

What You Can Do With Resource Tuner Console

Resource Tuner Console is a console tool for replacing resources inside 32- and 64-bit exe, dll, and res files. It's a great timesaver. It does not require manual opening files. It is 1000 times faster than traditional resource editors so you can get onto more important things!

At any stage of your build process, or anytime later, now you can:

  • Add, edit, rename, replace, or delete string resources in executables
  • Add, delete, or update file version information
  • Add, replace, or update icons of all sizes
  • Replace or add a manifest into the resource section of the PE file
  • Modify the language for all of the resources in the files to one uniform value
  • Convert a multi-lingual resource directory into a single-language one
  • Create a copy of the resource with another specified language
  • Provide support for multi-byte international character sets
  • Export and save an entire file's resources as a resource DLL

Do you have to prepare multiple branded OEM versions of your software? Do you have to build a custom EXE file for each of your OEM partner? Do you need a localized version? Then you simply can't afford to not be using this software.

Customize your single source .EXE file with new icons, bitmaps, logos, custom strings, version variables, manifests and more. Since you now have a solution, you should automate the resource editing process. Setting up an automated way to apply your changes couldn't be simpler.

How It Works

Resource Tuner Console accepts input from a script file. It reads and executes scripts using the Windows Scripting Host engine. Any active script language installed and supported by Windows Scripting Host can be used for scripts. At the moment, it uses VBScript by default as a general scripting language.

Why Scripting

Scripting is the only flexible way to let you access and edit a wide range of different resource types in large numbers of executable files. It also allows you to reuse the same subroutines or functions many times in different situations.

Script Examples

The script examples provide real-world examples that demonstrate many of the features available in Resource Tuner Console. It may be helpful to use these sample scripts as a template for your own scripts. Basically, all you have to do is replace the filenames and paths to source and destination locations.

Process Folder Shows how to batch process the contents of a directory.
For each file found the script:
- Sets the English-US language for all of the resources in the file
- Modifies the Version Information
Test Script This script shows how to:
- Modify a String Table using a definition file
- Add a new String Table
- Modify a Message Table
- Update a Version Info resource
- Create a copy of the resource (Message Table) with another language
- Outputs a resource tree to a log file
- Save the entire file's resources as a resource DLL
Edit Version This code shows how to:
- Set the English-US language for all of the resources
- Modify the Version Information.
- Modify the FileVersion and ProductVersion entries using the placeholders
Edit Icons Shows how to:
- Add or replace single icons one by one or the whole icon group
- Output the changes in the Resource Tree to a log file
Edit Icons XP and Vista Shows how to:
- Add or replace XP icon group (9 icons at once) from an ico file
- Add a 256x256 PNG-compressed icon (a Vista icon)
- Sort out the added icons in the right order
- Output the changes in the Resource Tree to a log file.
Edit Strings Shows how to:
- Modify a String Table using values from an external unicode text file
- Modify a Message Table using values from an external unicode text file


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